Why You Should (Almost) Never Buy Direct with Digital Purchases

So I had to squeeze the “almost” in the title because it’s not a matter of applying this advice as absolute gospel. Sometimes there is a very strong case for buying direct when you’re looking to make online purchases of digital products and services, but it always goes back to the consideration of the price as weighed up against the quality of the digital product or service you’re buying. Either way, most of the time just waiting it out a bit and looking around for a while will almost always result in you getting a much better deal.

Okay, so there’s no disputing or playing down the value of digital products or services in that something like buying a programming text book in e-book format could change your life through something like teaching you how to programme and then having you go on to create an application, website, etc, which goes on to make you your fortune. That’s only one of many examples, another one of which is perhaps purchasing a license to use a content management system (CMS) driven membership website through which your members pay a monthly fee to access and make use of whatever it is you’re offering in the member’s area of that platform.

So there’s no downplaying the value of digital products and services purchased, but if you take your time and shop around in addition to sharpening what little bargaining skills you have, you can almost always get a digital product or service for a lot less than what its indicated market value is. Obviously as mentioned there is indeed the question of quality, which is perhaps the one variable you’ll have to keep a very close eye on while you’re busy looking for your digital purchase bargain.

So the reason why you can almost always get a digital product or service at a cheaper price is because there’s no universally accepted, standardised method of gauging the market value of a digital product or service. The fact that these digital products and services are sold over the internet adds fuel to the fire because you could for example have a very good developer working out of and living in a place like India, where each dollar goes a long way due to the cost of living being lower than that of an equally good developer from the United Kingdom or from the United States. Obviously in such an instance the developer from India will be willing to sell their skills, products and services at a much cheaper price than the developer from the UK or US, so that’s one way of hunting for bargains in the digital products and services you wish to purchase.

Another way of doing it is perhaps a bit more straight-forward, a great example of which is signing up to an online gambling platform with a promotional code, such as that which affords you a Resorts casino bonus instead of going straight to the gambling platform’s homepage and signing up in that way.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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