Top 20 most sought-after vacancies

The National Qualifications Development Agency (NAK) analyzed the situation on the labor market at the beginning of 2021. Who is at peak demand? Where are the highest salaries offered?

In the conditions of the pandemic, specialists in the fields of sales, construction, logistics and medicine have become the most sought after.

Thus, according to the vacancy aggregator, developed by NARK with the support of VTCIOM, the top 20 in-demand professions now include sales specialists, workers in professions related to logistics, as well as handymen, loaders, and storekeepers. The analysis used data from the three most popular Internet recruitment sites:, Работа в России, SuperJob.

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The rating was headed by sales managers (almost 1.5 thousand vacancies), sales consultants (1,377) and sales cashiers (854), call center operators (823) were in fourth place. There is also an increased demand for accountants, cooks, nurses, and forwarding drivers.

An interesting picture emerged as a result of a survey of vacancies by salary level. On the top lines here are workers in the production and construction sphere: electric welders, gas cutters, assemblers, engineers. In a word, those whose work involves heavy physical labor and, most often, the shift method.

For example, the average salary of a 5/6 grade electric welder is 135,000 rubles per month, and a manual welder is 130,000 rubles. The installer of steel and reinforced concrete structures is offered an average of 107,000 rubles per month, and the driver of an automobile crane – 100,000.

Top 20 in-demand vacancies
1. Sales manager 1491

2. Seller-consultant 1377

3. Seller-cashier854

4. Call center operator 823

5. Customer Service Manager804

6. Handyman791

7. Storekeeper660

8. Gruzchik659

9. Trade representative659

10. Accountant627

11. Picker606

12. Chef460

13. Car driver 453

14. Picker407

15. Collector of orders395

16. Forwarder driver394

17. Nurse389

18. Cleaner of service and industrial premises367

19. Store director353

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