Research A Lot is dedicated to bringing you the best consultant services for your business, working with you to grow your business to its desired level and improving operational efficiency.

We are passionate and forward-thinking in our practices to provide realistic and incredible goals and achievements.

Giving you the tools to harness the best in modern management systems and business tools, Research A Lot draws on years of multiplatform experience and knowledge to help your business identify ways to improve performance across the board.

Our highly skilled marketing team will work with you to generate the most effective campaign for your business, small or large, and can produce genuine, quality leads for optimal business exposure.

With a proven track record of success, Research A Lot can provide you with business management coaching to ensure a profit growth with incredible margins and long-term sustainability.

We work alongside key business influencers to plan the right strategies and actions needed for the best positive growth for profit and efficiency.

The team that works on Research a Lot are experienced and dedicated business men and women with a wealth of experience that we¬†want to transfer to YOU. We’ve been through it all and come out the other side stronger, wiser and infinitely able. Our experiences have taught us invaluable lessons and now, we’re some of the leading experts in our area.

A lot of us have started from the ground up, building business and running big name, and big money, companies. Some of the projects have failed but that’s a part of the business journey. We all need to make mistake to grow as people and to become the best business people we can.

We can now teach you how NOT to make these mistake. Keep up to date with our blogs or leave us a message for specific questions or topics you’d like to see covered.

Research A Lot History

Research A Lot was born as the brainchild of Tom Hyatt and Colin Shaw. We both worked for a successful business consultancy firm but felt like the market was crying out for a change of pace and a change in style. We flew the nest and created Research A Lot, this site is specially designed to provide the services and advice that was missing in the current industry.

We focus on a more people-centric approach, creating a community of like-minded and business-targeted mindset. We know what people want to know and we’re here to translate that into easy to consume, enjoyable content that provides real value and real advice to everyone who reads it.