We are a premier consultancy firm that prides itself on our expert advice that can be broadly or specifically applied to all aspects of professional and business life.

Our posts are our way of translating this expertise to a wider audience that may not have access to such useful information in their everyday lives.

We are always on the lookout for business-minded, intelligent writers to provide information and helpful articles that benefit people from all areas of business. From management to training to business growth, we need advice from experienced, successful business people to offer guidance to large and small business alike.



    • Small business advice
    • Start up advice
    • Business advice
    • Finances
    • Investments
    • Stock exchange
    • Employing
    • Data analysis
    • Recruitment
    • Human resources
    • Organisation
    • Business law


    • Strong business sense
    • Proven success in your field
    • Impeccable written English skills
    • Genuine, helpful advice or comments


    • Must be 500+ words
    • Must be original and in line with other Research A Lot content
    • Points made must be backed up with evidence/facts

    If you think you are able to provide an article that meets all of the above, get in touch below with a pitch and we will approve the work.