Which Is Better? Deals Or SIM-Free?

To deal or not to deal, that is the question. Should you opt for a deal on a SIM card and phone combination, or should you buy a SIM-free phone and get your own SIM card? And if a deal combination is your choice, what sort of deal is best for you? Can you also find a SIM card for iPads? There are so many bundles and packages out there. It’s enough to send you into confusion.

When Your Phone Is A Gift

When your phone is a gift, it’s straightforward. My husband bought my first phone for me. He bought the phone, arranged the connection and I only had to top up the call, text and data balance every so often. Perfect! It lasted for ages. But it gave up the ghost after years of faithful service. I shed a few tears of farewell and then pondered the future. I would keep my number and get a new phone. But here, I encountered a dilemma. You go out to buy a phone, you’re offered myriad deals involving phones and SIM cards. These deals often include talk time minutes, free texts and chunks of Internet data. These combinations come in a contract with monthly payments And some of the phones which these deals offer are excellent. So here’s the conundrum. If you’d prefer to opt for a phone deal, how can you the the best contract phone deals?

Best Contract Phone Deals

Are you a housewife? If you are, it doesn’t mean you lead a hidden life. You could be a heavy Internet user. Housewives today use the Internet for everything from shopping to watching the kids. They may not use the phone much. Unless you count the marathon phone call at the weekend with the sister who lives across the country. Every user is different when it comes to phone and Internet usage. Different deals suit different users. So what’s the rule of thumb when it comes to the best contract phone deals? It’s choosing the deal which is best suited to your user profile.

Aspects To Consider

Are you a business person who makes a lot of phone calls? Or are you a busy homemaker who uses the Internet for 101 different jobs? Are you more of a texter than a phone conversationalist? Depending on your usage, you’ll find a deal to suit you. There are deals which are generous on data and texts, offering limited talk time. There are also deals, which limit data and give generous talk time. Your choice shouldd reflect your usage.

Consider The Phone

If the actual phone is your priority, you might prefer to opt for a SIM-free model and put in your own SIM card. But if you opt for a deal which matches your pattern of usage, you can save yourself a lot of money. And the monthly payments will spread the cost of your phone over time. Some of the most prestigious phones around are being offered in some awesome deals. This the way to make a hot, recently-released model like the iPhone X a good fit for your pocket, at a price you can afford.

Consider The Service Provider

You may love your service provider and have been with them for years. So you might prefer to buy a SIM-free phone. But your own service provider could have some sweet deals going on. It’s a good idea to check and see if you can find a deal here which will help you save money according to your actual usage.

No Upfront Costs

Deals with no upfront costs spread the cost of your phone over a 24 or 30 month contract, so you hardly feel the pinch. They’re useful in case one wishes to buy one of the more expensive mobile phone models. Websites like Broadband Choices give us the details of the various deals available. This helps us make an informed choice. By allowing us to compare deals side by side with each other, the site gives a valuable service. So find the deal that suits you best and make a choice that works for you.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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