The Professional Gambler’s Perfect Mix of Betting Channels

It’s perhaps clear by now that professional gamblers are indeed a real thing, beyond those established poker players who get invited for prestigious, big-money Texas Hold’ Em events that is. We’ve gone a step further in our research of this rare but multiplying species, trying to piece together some valuable information for anyone who might be seeking to follow suit and join the ranks of these professional and semi-professional gamblers.

As the specific subject of the focus of our research, we specifically set out to find out what channels a typical and successful professional or semi-pro gambler uses, the findings of which may just surprise any of our readers who may have had their own preconceptions.

Physical Casino vs. Online Casino

As one might come to expect, online casinos are the preference for those whose gambling exploits are more about making money than the experience, but interestingly enough online gamblers still enjoy visiting physical casinos although they don’t really get much of their “professional” gambling done while there. It’s more about fun when they hit the physical casino because things happen so much slower, like for example the waiting time between each spin of the wheel at the roulette table.

Online Casino Games of Choice

As far as the top preference in online casino games goes, it’s perhaps slightly surprising that slot games lead the way. This is in part due to the fact that slots are fast games and result in quicker payouts, especially if you play at online casinos listed by and other similar ranking websites. One would have thought that pure numbers and odds games like roulette would be preferred by pro online gamblers, particularly since these are the games through which small but incrementally significant winnings can be amassed.

Apparently, slots also add that element of fun that is otherwise missing from these types of games.

Sports Betting & Other “News” Betting

Pro gamblers are keen sports bettors who also dabble in other notable events betting, such as betting on presidential elections. It’s a way of “investing some of their money” passively when they’re away from the active casino activities such as placing a bet and being around to check out the result of every single spin. Sports betting sites, such as, tend to actively provide their services to users, enabling them to earn money and invest their time.

So a pro bettor pretty much always has some money put down on some or other possible outcome.

Preferred Online Betting Platforms

So when we bring all of these mentioned factors together, naturally the question that comes up is what is the preferred betting platform which offers all of these things? The answer is not as simple as pointing to one specific platform because the perfect casino is subjective to the type of gambler in question. However, an emergent secret we’re willing to bet on (no pun intended) is that of how some of the best online betting platforms are those which offer some sort of signup bonus for new customers as this sort of sets the tone for what you can expect.

After all, ask any seasoned professional gambler and they’ll tell you a story of how increasing the odds of winning is a matter of taking advantage of what are essentially the “extra” features of casino platforms, like the extra spins, extra credit, wildcard-type elements like the Joker, etc.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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