Some Useful Info for Budding Pro-Gamblers

As the dedicated team of business researchers always on the lookout for systems and opportunities to help business owners get the most out of the niche or market they’re involved in, the scope of our research knows no bounds. We’ve recently targeted the gambling industry as a subject of our business research, mostly because of the growing number of people coming forward to make it known that it is indeed possible to earn a full-time income from something like online gambling.

Main investigation pointers

So the main pointers which drove our research led us to the investigation of three major elements, namely the chances of winning, skill level required to make a consistent income from online gambling, and some of the tools professional or budding pro-gamblers can deploy to improve their chances of winning consistently to the point that they can legitimately refer to their online gambling exploits as a reliable source of income.


The findings make for some rather interesting reading, one of which interesting observations is that the chances of winning are markedly increased based on how much time one spends taking their chances on online casinos. Naturally one would correctly assume that this is as a result of how the fundamental principles of statistics work, in that a bigger sample size used has the underlying probability models approaching some rather predictable outcomes, for example if the odds of winning are 1 out of 37 as is the case with a specific variation of the roulette, the longer you spend playing the likelier you are to correctly predict or “guestimate” when that 1 out of 37 chance of your selection of the correct number will come around.

In this case then you can time your big bets to that little window of opportunity in which you’re likely to select the correct number, thus putting yourself in line to win big.

However, that’s not all – the sample size is not the only reason why winning chances have markedly increased with online casinos in operation today.

With the likes of EmotiCoins Slots free spins as one of the online casinos leading the way by way of the various bonuses and special promotions extended to their players, it is indeed these extra bonuses and special promotional offers which are playing a huge role in the increased chances of winning we’re witnessing.

To address the other two pointers which drove our investigation, we found that the skill level required to make a consistent living through online gambling actually went hand-in-hand with the tools online gamblers use to improve their chances of winning and to hone their skills. In fact, there have been studies into how to athletic qualities transfer to online casinos and if these skills impact game play.

The skill-level essentially just chips away at the winning odds, putting the skilled gamer in a position where they always enjoy the very best chances of winning, while the tools they use to gain this advantage are surprisingly tools which they develop themselves or go out and proactively seek, such as signup bonuses, free spins and even alternating between playing online casino games in demo mode and playing with real money.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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