Are Online Casinos Killing Physical Casinos?

While the title suggests that the focus of this post is indeed exclusively on the casino industry, it’s actually aimed a bit more generally at anyone who might be wondering if the digital rush poses a threat to their traditional, physical brick-and-mortar operation. After all, if what is arguably the big daddy of online casinos is firmly establishing a version of itself in the online space, what does that say about its physical existence?

Yes, we are indeed talking about Caesars here, a casino which bears a name that few seasoned gamblers and novice gamblers alike can claim to be oblivious to the existence of. In fact, one could go as far as saying that the iconic Caesars logo is synonymous with the traditional casino and gambling in general.

This brings us right back to the question of whether or not the rush to digitise every kind of business is killing the traditional, physical iteration of that business.

Re-Balancing of the Scales

The casino industry perhaps makes for the perfect case study to dissect this growing concern among many business owners and entrepreneurs, quite simply because there’s perhaps no other business model which can be replicated detail-for-detail. Online casinos are also offering exciting signup bonuses and free tokens that hook prospective players more easily. For example, you could claim the Lucky Nugget Casino no deposit bonus today and get up to 50 free spins. Further, with the likes of live video casinos and virtual reality also permeating the online casino industry, what incentive does one have really to jump in their car and head to a physical casino?

The only difference these days between a traditional brick-and-mortar casino and its digital iteration is perhaps the fact that you can’t reach out and touch the elements of your typical casino environment if you’re placing your bets through a screen.

There is still very much a balance however in that those who are in close proximity to a physical casino would perhaps much rather prefer driving in. This way you get to share the live casino experience with other eager punters and that physical element gives traditional casinos an allure they’ll always enjoy.

The Binary Extension of the Physical

Perhaps the biggest lesson one can take away from this comparison of online casinos and their seemingly slowly-fading physical predecessors is that the online casino (such as those available at is there to enhance the brick-and-mortar version, if not to act as nothing more than an extension of it. So embrace the tech and get in on the digital rush, whatever business you’re into.

If anything, you’ll sell more products and services, but most importantly of all is what going digital will do for your brand awareness.

That’s why what are otherwise traditional casino establishments like Caesars are very much active in the online space to mirror their roots. I’m willing to bet more than my Caesars Online deposit match bonus that some traditional businesses would have never scaled up to the size they’re enjoying right now had they remained a regional, corner-store type business! I mean if you’re selling mobile phone replacement screens for example, you can only sell so many of them to the people who form part of your immediate community, but if you have your stock listed online, someone from the other side of the world could easily find you to request a bulk order that makes your entire year.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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