Addressing the Online Gaming Market Saturation Fallacy

Much in the same way that the anticipated millennium bug which never came sent everybody with even the remotest of ties to the digital world into somewhat of a frenzy, the gaming industry as it existed back in the day has had one or two prophets of doom disappear right back into the abyss from whence they emerged on the back of the transpiring events proving them completely wrong. I mean who would have thought that something like PC gaming would only grow from strength to strength, on the back of having been given only a few years max to live out its lifespan?

More powerful machines have only served to grow this field further with more RAM making for better graphics and the likes, with PC games in particular released as DVD packages these days.

I won’t even get into the discussion of how powerful graphics cards are, particularly with regards to some of those serious gamers who would go as far as using cryptocurrency mining graphics cards as their primary graphics cards.

PC gaming is but just one realm of the very big gaming industry which appears to become saturated by now. Sure, there are still numerous people who are engaging with the list of helm rune words or are finding cheat codes for Minecraft and other games in order to enjoy these games to the fullest. Yet, the growth in this industry doesn’t seem to parallel that of the other industries. Apparently, a greater decline is seen in the online casino gaming industry. Only five years ago the word around was that online gambling had reached its peak market cycle and growth, set to witness a steep downturn. Yet, here we are still trying to wrap our heads around Google’s decision to allow advertising for the gambling niche through those channels in which it previously didn’t.

Even professional gamblers haven’t been immune to becoming subjects of this fallacy, with many who argue for what is clearly a fallacy pointing to online casino platforms continuing to rake in the big profits while pitting gamers from all over the world against each other to fight it out for the scraps.

Coming from a research company through-and-through, take it from us – the online gaming market is very much alive and thriving and there is no market saturation in sight. None seems to be forthcoming for a while yet, so even amidst of the many online casino platforms fighting it out for gamers to do their online gambling with them, the numbers are only showing an upward trajectory.

The consumer is in fact the one who benefits out of this ongoing rush for online casino real estate and it’s a matter of shopping around to see where you can find the best deals. For example, if you want free spins no deposit is required at some online casino platforms which have very generous bonus and special promo structures such as these.

Additionally, for an online casino to be able to offer that kind of bonus and special promo structure, it would need to have an established gamer base, which means more people from all over the world are trying their luck on that platform, therefore making for a bigger pool of potential winnings for those online gamers who are savvy about their online casino gaming exploits and develop strategies instead of banking on pure luck.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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