3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Breaks While Working

When you have a full day at work, it’s vital that you take full advantage of the breaks you’re given if you want to keep up your momentum and remain at the top of your game through your entire shift. However, many people find that the time they spend during their breaks, be it just a small break or a larger break for a meal, is often wasted doing things that don’t actually help them feel better or become more productive throughout the rest of their day. So to start having better days at work, here are three ways you can make the most of your breaks while working.

Get Away From Your Desk

While it might be tempting to just stay at your desk and cruise around the Internet, it’s going to be so much more beneficial to you, both body and mind, to get away from your desk and get a little movement into your day. According to Jacquelyn Smith, a contributor to Forbes.com, simply standing up from a seated position can help get your blood flowing and give you some much-needed energy. In addition to this, giving your mind a break from that work you’ve been doing can help you decompress and reduce any stress you’ve been accumulating throughout your workday.

Be Meditative

One of the best ways to unwind your mind and regain your mental fortitude is through meditation. According to Rhett Power, a contributor to Inc.com, spending your lunch break meditating can help you clear your mind and think differently about issues you might be facing. By taking a break from your work and allowing your mind to be meditative, whether that’s just done on your own or in addition to something like massage, you may be able to spot solutions that you weren’t able to recognize previously. While this might take some practice, just being mindful in general is a great way to relax even in the middle of your workday.

Eat A Healthy Snack

When you’re putting so much of yourself into your work, you have to put something back into your body to keep up that level of energy. While grabbing the closest, unhealthy snack might be convenient, it’s not what’s going to be best for you during your workday. According to an infographic shared by Entrepreneur.com, taking an actual break to eat actual food is what’s best for you. Some snacks you might want to consider include blueberries, nuts, fish, apples, cheese, and pears. Keep these snacks in the breakroom at your office so you can grab one whenever you’re needing a little boost of energy during your break.

If you feel like you just waste your time on breaks, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you move past this.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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