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Just a few short years ago it used to be that if your business wasn’t online (if your business didn’t have a website), it was as good invisible. Now the game has changed a lot and having a website is pretty much just a basic requirement which is expected of every business or even for a PGP guide for that much-needed air of credibility.

The Website vs. Website & Social Media Conundrum

However, business owners have somewhat of a conundrum to deal with when social media is thrown into the mix, quite simply because it can be looked at from two viewpoints. One: a business website exists to give potential customers more information about your offering and perhaps even serves as a platform over which they can inquire to get more specialised information like tailored pricing, etc. So if you only have a website and your business is not really actively represented on social media platforms, this gives your business a certain air of exclusivity in that potential clients and whoever else who wants to get into contact with you knows where to find you. Two: on the flip-side social media is where the world goes to engage these days, so there is a very strong case for at least having some presence on social media, even if it’s only in the form a page that lists just a little bit about your business and directs those who are interested in knowing more to visit your website. Many businesses strive to improve their social media profile and buy Tiktok likes and Instagram followers as part of their brand-building strategy.

Clearly Defined Engagement

Now there are entire industries and even careers built around social media engagement, with some companies hiring social media experts and growth services like Growthoid. There are several growth services in the market and according to this review by Jonathon Spire, not every growth service that uses automation bots can be trusted. So, it is crucial to choose the right social media tool for audience engagement. The main thing to keep in mind is to clearly define how your business is going to engage with people over social media so that the social media platform doesn’t set unrealistic expectations. It’s okay if you “typically reply within eight hours” or something like that, for example, as long as you’re consistent and as long as the people who want to engage with you know where to go if they want more than what you can offer over the social media platforms. You can also bump up that follower list if you buy instagram followers fast, providing you with real followers that can boost your social media profile and the levels of engagement.

Take Ownership of Your Social Media Presence

It perhaps goes a bit beyond just the social media platforms with this, that being the need to take ownership of your web presence. If you don’t then somebody else will make representations on your behalf like how business directories list information about businesses which either do or don’t have their own websites. Social media platforms do that as well, like if someone “checks-in” to your business and is then invited to describe your business. When people search for your business on social media platforms this is what they’ll see – the information generated by a third-party and in the worst case scenario this third-party could very well be a competitor seeking to smear your business.

So take ownership of your web presence, including your social media presence by at the very least linking back to your website after giving a brief overview of what you are offering.

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Written by Tom Hyatt

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