Future Energy: How to add sustainability to your business premises

Sustainability helps to reduce your carbon footprint as well as business outgoing costs on energy bills, and more. For this reason, investing in sustainable additions to your business premises can save your business money in the long run, all while being environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it can also help you pass environmental assessments by meeting the standards like Tier II reports, air quality, stormwater compliance, hazardous and industrial waste permits, OSHA safety and health programs, and a few more. While some companies may try achieving these goals by themselves, businesses can also look for service providers such as RSB Environmental or similar consulting firms to get expert guidance.

In addition, from ducted heat pumps to solar panels, inverters, and batteries to EV charging stations, there are various additions you can make to your business. These are some of the physical changes you can adopt. In case you want a substantial change to make a move towards a green and sustainable business, you can incorporate ESG software similar to the ones provided by Greenstone. It can centralize data across your organization to monitor your sustainability impacts, so you can perform better and work towards further reducing your carbon footprint.

Now, let’s take a look at the physical changes you can make in more detail.

Ducted heat pump

Your business premise should have a heating and air conditioner system to maintain the temperature of employees. Three are many different types and models, however, the most sustainable type is a ducted heat pump. Heat pumps hold advanced technology which uses as least energy as possible and avoids the burning of fossil fuels like that of oil heaters. Ducted heat pumps add another level of sustainability as they can disseminate the cool or hot air throughout the building through vents in each room. Having proper ventilation through vents can be crucial for businesses. This is because during summers, it’s necessary that the Air conditioners should work properly and the warm air should be flushed out through the ducts. In case the AC is not working properly, the warm air might not escape properly and employees would feel uneasy. You may then have to hire an AC repair person (check it out here for more info) who can do the necessary adjustments for the cooling system to work properly.

Coming back, your heat pump unit can be a floor mounted heat pump or a high wall heat pump, depending on your building and how discrete you wish the unit to be. The best heat pump for you will be different to other businesses as it depends on multiple factors.

Solar panels

Solar panels are the sustainable alternative of standard energy as they absorb natural energy on site from the sun. Many people often wonder if solar panels absorb enough solar power to run an entire household or business. The great thing about solar is that the solar system installation is curated to suit the amount of power you use. Therefore, the larger the building, the more solar panels you will have. The solar power is taken in through the solar panels and then converted into usable energy through a solar panel inverter. A solar power battery can then store extra energy to ensure you have back up energy when the sun is more sparse.

Solar energy solutions will improve your business’ sustainability significantly. Request consultations or quotes from your local solar panel installation companies.

EV Charging Stations

EV charging station installations on your business premise is ideal to prepare for the future landscape of cars, and especially assist with sustainability if you have business cars. By 2030, more than 50% of new vehicles being sold will be electric vehicles. By installing EV chargers in your premises, you’re preparing for the inevitable.

The mass switch over to electric cars is due to the fact they are much more environmentally friendly than their gasoline counterparts. Gas vehicles disseminate large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere globally. Whereas, apart from the manufacturing of electric cars, the running of these vehicles do not disseminate this carbon dioxide and damage the environment in such significant ways. And if you have a solar panel system installed in your home or business, this amplifies the sustainability as you are essentially charging your vehicle through the natural source of solar power.

Switching to electric cars will save you money in the long term and reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Recovery or Heat Recovery Home Ventilation System

Home ventilation systems help to improve air quality in your business premise but additionally assist with pushing a comfortable temperature around the building. Specialist heat recovery home ventilation systems and energy recovery home ventilation systems help to improve sustainability for the very reasons that they reduce energy usage. Investing in a quality ventilation system is key in larger buildings where there are a large number of employees. Do your research and speak to your local companies to find one best suitable for your business.

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