5 Signs You’d Be Better off Working for Yourself

Routine can get boring rather quickly for the most structured of people who enjoy some comfort in familiarity, so you can just imagine what routine must be like for those of us who are a bit more free-spirited. If you notice the following five indications in your own life, chances are you’d be much better off breaking away from the traditional eight-to-four job (nine-to-five in some other countries) to do your own thing and work for yourself:

Erratic sleeping patterns

Some of the leading tech companies of this world have long since caught onto the fact that the traditional working day which follows traditional working hours simply doesn’t fall in line with the typical sleeping patterns of the typical person. That’s why we feel tired at certain times of the day, such as right after lunch or not too long after the morning begins and that’s why the likes of Google have sleeping pods for their employees to go and have a proper break whenever they really need one. If you don’t work for the likes of Google then the only other way you can do this is by working for yourself. If you do struggle with your sleep, why not use a CBD Oil from Olio Lusso Discount Code to get a product that will help.

Wavelike productivity cycles

Just as is the case with sleeping patterns not falling in line with the standard office hours of the standard working day, productivity cycles differ with each individual. Some people wake up in the middle of the night and get more work done than they could have ever managed throughout the duration of the standard working day for instance, so if you work for yourself you pretty much have the freedom to set your own hours according to the highest peaks of your productivity cycles.

A yearning for more (and extended) holidays

People who earn a lot of money from their jobs may have quite a bit left over to take extended holidays and to perhaps even take more holidays, but often they just don’t have the freedom to do so because they must be at the office at specific hours. If you yearn for more holidays or you want to go away more, delegating tasks or even taking your work with you is your preserve if you run your own operation.

You’ve hit a glass ceiling or a dead-end

This is one of the worst situations to find yourself in if you just know you’re capable of so much more and yet you’re stuck having to do uninspiring work that keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. The worst of the worst is if you can clearly see which direction you’d like to take your career in and yet the authorities who employ you just won’t have it or just don’t see it the same way you do.

A longing for a more stimulating challenge

Similarly to hitting a glass ceiling or a dead-end, a longing for more of a stimulating challenge is another sign you’d perhaps be better off working for yourself. Experienced business operators, entrepreneurs and even freelancers have developed the skill of being able to take on that work which falls in line with their interests and challenges them in ways that a normal eight-to-four job could never manage.

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