Why You Should Take Sports Pundits’ Betting Tips with a Pinch of Salt

Their picks are likely those of a ghostwriter

That’s right. Most pundits whom you’ll likely be following on some kind of public platform probably don’t have complete freedom in selecting their picks for the predicted results which form part of the sporting wager you’re considering betting on yourself. Even in official television shows which discuss the major leagues and the major brands associated with the biggest leagues, there’s usually some kind of theme which they have to stick to. Some of the Best Betting Apps work a little differently to those which are officially endorsed by some popular pundits, such as offering different betting options that go beyond just opening up a wager of fixed matches to bet on.

You must remember that with any medium which feeds off of popular sports, it’s all about maintaining some kind of buzz and a general interest in that sport. So a sports TV show will have their chief pundit go against the grain a bit sometimes, if only to spark the kind of controversy which will have viewers calling in to weigh-in with their polar opinions, for instance. Even someone like a blogger pundit will get boring if all they ever did was pick those prospective outcomes which everybody else expects.

You’re not likely to win big

Now, this is when the previous point reveals itself to be some kind of double-edged sword, because if we assume that the popular sports pundit chooses possible outcomes which fall under the bracket of expected results, if everyone goes the same route and those results actually play out in that expected way, the winnings will be slim. I mean if you’re a regular bettor on sports in particular you will know all about how when everyone guesses the results correctly, the jackpot is shared amongst all those winners and therefore has each winner walking away with a small amount.

On the other hand, since sports pundits are likely to throw in some picks which are especially designed to put a spanner in the works, their picks could very well be that much more in line with how sports betting should be approached… hence the necessary pinch of salt! Different online bookmakers, or case de pariuri online as they say in Romania, have different odds so it may be worth comparing different sites to make sure you find the best ones.

Nobody said it was an exact science…

Sports betting success is about more than punditry

Sports betting takes a lot of effort if you want it to be successful; merely copying and following the steps of the pundits won’t give the results. It’s about more than just punditry and the popular or even expert opinion to go with, incorporating more of the numbers that come with statistical analysis. Whether you’re betting via sportsbooks in New York or online websites, whether the bets are on the NFL games or European Football leagues, it’s important for you to do the research, understand and follow the games carefully so that you can have a better grasp on the odds and place bets accordingly.

You might miss out on many other betting and winning opportunities

If you copy-and-paste everything the pundits say, chances are you will never win, but even worse than that is that you miss out on some bigger and better opportunities to bet and win.

You might want to be able to bet on some casino games in addition to the sportsbooks, all on the same platform, for example.

So take the sports betting pundits’ tips, touted as pro-tips, with the mandatory pinch of salt. It would be the same as someone investing in CBD products, telling you to buy Loxa Beauty CBD Foot Butter (50ml, 500g CBD).

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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