What To Do With Your Old Tablets in 2018

As technology advances we are often left with the paradox of what to do with our older devices once they have become outdated. It is very hard to spend a large sum of money on devices such as tablets only to have them be tossed in the trash a few years later because a new and improved model just made ours obsolete. While your old device may not be able to play the newest games or use the latest and greatest apps, there are still a plethora of uses that these devices have. Today, we are going to uncover some of these uses and help you to bring life back into your old device.

One of the most common and simplest ways to use your older tablet is as an eBook reader. This is a simple task for even the oldest of tablets out there. This is a great way to catch up on any book series you are a fan of. Even the oldest of tablets can handle a simple .pdf file.

Using your old tablet as a media library is another great way to repurpose these devices. Simply delete any app you’re planning to use on your newer devices to free up some space and download your music, videos, pictures and videos to safely store and use. This leads us to our next use for old tablets. Use them as a radio.

Are you an avid music lover? Throw many parties and end up being the d.j.? Maybe you just want to play some music for friends to introduce them to something new and exciting. Using your old tablet as a radio is the answer for these questions and more. Applications such as Pandora and Spotify are easy to use and don’t require many system resources. You can even use the media that you store to make playlists for the party and let the good times begin.

Speaking of radio’s, another way you can use your old device is as a media controller. Many radio’s and laptops have Bluetooth connections that can be used to connect your tablet to them for use as a controller. Bluetooth speakers can also be controlled through your device. A Bluetooth connection having an average range of 33 feet means you can sit across the room and play your media on the comfort of your own couch.

Using your old tablet as an alarm clock is another great way to repurpose these devices. There are many alarm clock apps that you can download as well as using the system alarm clock that these devices come pre-loaded with. There’s no reason to go out and buy a new alarm clock with an old tablet laying around the house.

A great way to repurpose your old tablet is to use it as a security or spy camera. There are many ways that you can prop these devices up to stand on their own as well as tripods that you can purchase. The cameras on tablets is high quality and can run for hours on a full charge. Just make sure that you have plenty of space open for the videos.

The final way to repurpose your old tablets is to recycle them. Many companies have programs that will allow you to bring in your old devices. Options for these programs range from turning in just to recycle them to receiving gift cards and in store credit for other devices. Simply walk into your local carrier’s store or a specialized store, such as an Apple Store, and ask them what programs they have available for you.

Now that we have discussed 7 different ways that you can still use your old tablets, go dust them off and reduce the clutter around your house. These different methods listed above can help spark new life into your device. I hope these different uses are helpful to you.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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