What It Takes to Be a Digital Nomad

One of the best things about the 21st century is that you have your office with you no matter where you go. Wait for a second! Why would anyone want their office with them while on a vacation? Isn’t this the time to get away from the office? Well, in theory, sure, but what if you had to cut your holiday three days short because you have to get back to the office due to an emergency (especially if you are doing so for two or three hours of work).

While it may not be something you dream of, having your office with you 24/7 is something you desperately need. Going on a vacation isn’t the only scenario where you need remote access to your work-related data. What about a situation where your presence is needed while you are on public transport back home? Do you just exit at the next station and turn back? What about a business trip? There may be times when you might need access to the best vpn for mac or any computer for that matter. With this in mind, here are a few things you need to have in order to be a true digital nomad.

1. A communication tool

The first and the most obvious thing you need in order to work from abroad is a good communication tool. Sure, you could rely on apps like Viber, WhatsApp, or even Facebook Messenger for this, but most people still prefer using Skype. The advantages are numerous. Imagine a situation where you had to call or message from roaming every time you need something or even having to buy a local SIM card. Compared to that, a Skype call is literally free, provided that you can find a free Wi-Fi which, in this day and age, shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Collaboration tool

Communication isn’t the only task you would have to perform while abroad. Imagine a situation where there is an important project back home while you are out of the country. Sure, you could be contributing with fresh ideas through Skype, but what if you wanted to revisit some constructive comment left two weeks ago or had the intention to briefly check the history of the project. Furthermore, you need a way to collaborate with your team in real-time in order to truly be there when they need you. This is just one of the reasons why you need collaboration software on both your laptop and your smartphone.

3. Dropbox

Another thing you may need on your travels is Dropbox. This particular platform is designed for keeping all your files safe and easily shareable in the cloud. While some may argue that any collaboration tool will allow you to share files as well, the greatest advantage of Dropbox is a fact that you can use it for private purposes as well. Here, you could store all your music, all your vacation photos, but at the same time use this platform as a business tool. This alone is a trait that might come in extremely handy for any business nomad.

4. f.lux

Finally, you need to think about your health, as well, and staring at the screen all day (which is something you will probably be forced to do) is not a particularly healthy habit. This is where f.lux comes in big time. By adjusting to your time-zone it changes the display on your screen and makes it emit more or less light. This way, the contrast between your screen and the outside light will be much less pronounced, which means it will be much safer for your eyes.


These four tools alone should be a core for any digital nomad’s work arsenal. With them, you have the means of communication, a tool for collaboration and a way of putting private and business-related data together. Add to this an app that will make your overall work less irritating to the eye (in a subtle way) and what you get is a perfect fit. Sure, working on a vacation may not be everyone’s favorite idea, but it’s always good to know that the option is available.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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