Vaping as a Business Opportunity

The emergence of the practice of “vaping” is good news not only to those countless millions whose health will benefit as a result, but also to business men and women who have what it takes to seize the opportunity to get involved in what is destined to be an exciting and expanding market around the world for many years to come.

Smokers has long been one of the world’s biggest killers, claiming the lives of millions each year as they succumb to lung cancer, emphysema, stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Sadly the highly addictive nature of nicotine makes the “obvious” solution of simply giving up very difficult to do in practice.

Vaping provides an exciting alternative, largely imitating the “feel” of smoking whilst replacing the nicotine with far less harmful substances in form of vapors, or e-Liquids.

An Expanding Market Worldwide

Millions of smokers have already switched to vaping, reducing the risks to their long-term health massively. They are reading articles like those found at Cannabis Reports to learn how to use dry herb vaporizers. But thus far this has happened largely in the developed world, where communications tend to be better and where alternatives to cheap cigarettes and tobacco are generally more affordable. However change in the developing world is inevitable, indeed it is already beginning to happen and the big tobacco companies, of all people, are reacting by switching their emphasis to the manufacture of electronic products.

Whilst the corporate giants will inevitably predominate in the new era of opportunity which the dramatic growth in vaping represents, there are huge openings for small to medium businesses to produce both e-Liquids in new forms and flavors, and the equipment through which it is enjoyed such as the vape pen which is featured here at

In many respects vapors for electronic cigarettes are like ice-creams. They began in a few basic flavors and now there are more and more exotic options appearing on the market as expectation and demand widens. Nobody a decade ago can have imagined they would be smoking beer-flavored cigarettes any time soon, but they are here and people now do.

Peripheral Openings

There are in addition a whole range of peripheral openings for small private entrepreneurs to exploit. As well as the manufacture of vapors and components, there are retail opportunities for those who many wish to sell produce, whether online, from a physical shop or from a stall or kiosk at the shopping mall. Dropshipping or affiliate arrangements are also being made in which smaller businesses are connecting with larger ones to their mutual benefit. In such a rapidly growing market there is room for everybody to claim a stake.

It is perhaps ironic that one of the charges against the tobacco industry was its reluctance to accept the consequences of the products that it manufactured, due to the vested interest that it had in keeping the industry profitable, and yet now it is leading the way in the manufacture of comparatively harmless alternatives. It maybe demonstrates to us all that business always finds a way.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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