Understanding and Motivating Millennials in the Workplace

You must have heard a lot of things about millennials. They are fickle, entitled, and sell-outs. Sometimes, these things are taken positively, other times, these are taken negatively about these millennials . The truth is, no matter how you feel about millennials, they are entering the workplace and are coming of age. They are the ones who will be becoming our future business leaders in some time. Therefore, the older generations in the workplace need to understand what makes these millennials in the workplace tick. Millennials are the most culturally diverse and educated generations we have today. It is important to not only keep them engaged at the workplace, but also keep them motivated as they are also commonly known as notorious job-hoppers.

When it comes to answering questions like what motivates millennials, you can expect a very diverse and varied discussion. The best way to tackle the question is to focus on “how” you can motivate them at the workplace, just as is done at power2motivate.com.au.

Here are some of the best ways you can motivate millennials to keep them working at their best at the workplace.

1. Be Clear and Authentic about Your Purpose

First things first, millennials are found to be very skeptical of the business owners and managers who they think are not authentic. Therefore, you need to have a clear, real, and pure purpose to keep the millennials motivated. Tell them why you want them to be motivated in the first place and what benefits will it offer to you and the business. Make sure to tie these employee motivation purposes to your business objectives. Be clear about your purpose of employee motivation.

2. Get to Their Level

Motivation is personal and to motivate a person, you need to connect with them on a personal level as well. You need to get to the personal level of the millennials to keep them motivated. Tell them how much you care about them personally, which can ignite the need for motivation in them. During team meetings, get your points across in a motivating manner. Belittling them in the presence of others might demotivate them to work less efficiently. Use positive phrases you will hear in a performance review, highlight their shortcomings in the most neutral manner. Train and develop them keeping their personal preferences in mind and you will see a rise in motivation in them gradually.

3. Be Accessible and Available to Them

Millennials do not like leaders and managers who they feel are too closed off. They are more into the leaders who are transparent and open. Therefore, if you are wishing to keep your millennials workforce motivated, you need to be available for them and be accessible to them. Don’t close doors on them. An open-door policy can really keep them motivated.

4. Offer Flexibility

One of the most significant things that can help keep millennials in your workplace motivated is offering them flexibility. This is a tech savvy generation and can work from anywhere anytime. All they need is an internet connection and they are good to go. Don’t expect them to stay at their desks all day long. Instead, offer them a flexible schedule and you will notice a rise in their motivation and hence their output.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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