The State of Changing Taxes: What To Look Out for With Your Business

No matter which way you look at it, taxes are changing starting this year. Taxes are changing for individuals. Taxes are changing for corporations. Taxes are changing for businesses small, medium, and large. So it’s important you understand how these changes will affect you or your business. Some tax return services do offer their help at a discount (learn more here) which could be useful for those who need professional help with these changes. If you’re looking into independently squaring your finances with federal and state governments, you need to look for where the changes are taking place.

You need to know what’s going to happen to multifamily investors. You need to know what sort of changes in deductions there are going to be in the coming years. You need to know if your investments in the stock market are going to do anything different when it comes to taxes. And, if you’ve invested in digital currency, you need to learn how that’s going to be taxed as well now that changes are in place.

Multifamily Investors

If you’re a property manager, and you work with multifamily housing units, then the tax changes may have significant consequences for you. Some arrangements will see benefits. Other arrangements might stay more in neutral territory, but the filing will still be different. If you’ve efiled your own taxes in the past, now is the year two get an accountant on the job. You want to make sure you don’t run afoul of the new tax laws the very first year they’re in place.

Changes In Deductions

One of the bigger changes to taxes in coming years is going to be changes in how deductions are counted. It used to be that people could depend on certain activities that they do during the year, contributing to charity for example, that they could deduct from their taxes. Or for remote workers, they could deduct certain business expenses that they paid to work from home. The coming year, all of that is going to change, so it’s important you look at the details.

Investments in the Stock Market

Then there is the matter of investments in the stock market. Taxes haven’t changed much in the past generation when it comes to figuring out how much money you owe if you gain or lose value in the stock market. But now, because of the drastic changes in corporate tax structure specifically, there are lots of new rules to follow.

Finances Through Digital Currency

Investing in digital currency has become something of a fad in recent months as well. If you have purchased and sold bitcoin or one of the many other digital currencies available, there may be a tax that you have to pay if you have increased the value of your investment. It’s not exactly the same as the stock market situation, but regulators are currently trying to figure out how to adjust to cryptocurrency and its relationship to world finances.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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