The Right Way to Create a Web Presence for Your Business

By now the fact that you need a web presence shouldn’t even be up for discussion, so it’s a matter of how to go about creating a web presence for the best results your business can get instead. To put it simply, if your business is not online, then it’s as good as invisible.

Unlike marketing in general and with other specific areas of creating publicity and generating a buzz around your business, all publicity is not good publicity. The internet can be a harsh place, but if you get it right with your approach to creating your web presence, it can be a heavenly place with some of the most fertile ground on which to grow your business into something really big and profitable. It’s all about planning your website and making yourself available on business listings. For instance, a restaurant business can attract local customers when they update their information on online business directories. Platforms like GoSite (see for reference) make it easy for businesses to manage their listings, customer scheduling, payments, and options for customer reviewing. There are several other things to take care of when trying to create a business web presence. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Go professional with your primary web presence (website)

Purist web developers are a dying breed these days, but you really want to get yourself one of those. If you don’t know much about web design and development yourself, it can be hard to tell if a website was used with Content Management System (Content Management System) web development platforms like WordPress, worse yet if your developer not only used a CMS platform like that but also went and bought a pre-designed template on which they did nothing more than slap your logo and insert your company information.

Go with a professional web developer or team of developers who will build your business website from scratch. However, you might have to check what the developers developed on the website. Besides this, you might need to take the help of firms like Radware ( that can provide you with the security solutions for your web application. It’ll cost more, maybe! But what the solution can also do is make sure your business website and online identity are unique. It can also protect you against mass hack attacks through which malicious hackers often gain access to thousands of websites since they use the same or similar source code across all CMS sites.

Stay legit with your search engine optimisation

Be careful of Search Engine Optimisation firms offering guaranteed search engine ranking results, especially if they go all the way and promise that you’ll land at the very top of Google’s search engine rankings, or even promise that you’ll at least be on the first page. A good SEO company that operates within the terms of service set forth by Google can never guarantee results, but they deploy best practices and the latest SEO optimisation trends with transparency.


Be proactive with your online reputation management

This is especially true if you’ll be using social media platforms as a channel through which to connect with your clients and potential clients on more of a social level, that being the fact that you have to be proactive with your online reputation management. An online reputation management agency or a dedicated social media manager (or two) could very well be in order, answering questions as quickly as they possibly can when they’re posted by existing and potential clients. They should also be responsible for keeping tabs on any negative media that may have been generated about your business.

It happens quite often that competitors send out trolls to speak ill of their competitors online, so that’s something you have to be on the lookout for.

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Written by Tom Hyatt

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