The Highest Converting Marketing Methods of 2018

Whenever we share information with our readers via a blog post or through any other means, our aim is always to deliver value on the double. Things are no different this time around with our coverage of the highest converting marketing methods of this year. In addition to using the information from a research point of view (i.e. if you’re an affiliate marketer or other type of seller) you can also use some of the specifics we discuss to perhaps get yourself a discount or a better deal of some sort. So it’s not all about the information you’d use as a seller…

So let’s get right into it – 2018 still has some way to go by the standards of those who have the drive to really come through on their resolutions and make it a good year, so things could yet still change. However, by the time the year reaches the months of September / October, usually the trends which have developed are here to stay right up to the end, only really consolidating their position to see out the year.

These are not listed in any particular order…

Referrals with Special Promos

If you’re one to take advantage of special promotions such as this great Pinnacle offer then next time you do so you should probably consider just how effective of a marketing method this is if it has you taking advantage of it in this way. Try something along those lines with your own offers, if you have any, otherwise at the very least you can simply take advantage of these types of bonuses and promotions to save a lot of money.

Social Media Marketing

Before you jump straight to your favourite selection of social media platforms, first consider that it goes a little deeper than just creating a post and “boosting” it on Facebook. Yes, that’s about as targeted as you can get with advertising, but the trend with regards to the highest conversions in the realm of social media marketing is that of visible customer engagement.

It’s as simple as this (not really) – a lot of business is closed over social media platforms, where a prospective customer would go directly to the page of the service provider and seek to iron out one or two issues before going on to complete the purchase right there and then! So if you can have someone dedicated to responding instantly then you’re in the money and you’ll probably bump up your conversions quite considerably.

Digital Influencers

Although it’s admittedly a bit of a challenge to measure conversion rates when it comes to the sales made through sponsorships of digital influencers, if you really want to put measures to track the sales you can. It becomes worth it when you consider just how many sales are being converted in this way, sparking an entire revolution which includes mere social media influencers.


If this list of the highest converting marketing methods of 2018 was in order of the highest to the lowest then Search Engine Optimisation would be right at the top. We perhaps don’t need to say any more about it – it’s simply a matter of organically getting traffic to your offer and that essentially making for a free method of doing so.


Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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