Staying Connected To Your Customers In A Digital Age

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Over the last few decades technology has led the way in business with automation processes and technology allowing companies to streamline their operations. However, although this can benefit the company, their customers sometimes get frustrated with automated phone calls and answering services, and sometimes get incredibly frustrated by not being able to speak to a human. It is essential for businesses to embrace new technology and ways of doing things, but it is also vital to keep their customers in mind and only make changes that will also benefit them.

Let Them Speak To A Person

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One of the biggest frustrations of customers of many large corporations is that they can either not speak to someone directly, or when they do they are shunted to a foreign call centre where the help can sometimes seem limited. One way to keep your customers on your side is to ensure that they have a real person that they can speak to at the end of a telephone. You can employ the services such as offered by ReceptionHQ, who can have someone covering your phone lines. This means that your customers can always speak to someone. Using a service like this allows you to offer 24-hour support over seven days a week to your customers and is a very economical solution.

Exploit Your Online Presence

There are so many ways that you can engage with your customers in this modern world, and there is much more than Facebook or Twitter available. With applications such as Whatsapp, you can give your customers another way of directly interacting with you and answering any question that they may have. You can even send digital essential documents to the customers by having all the physical paperwork scanned. Companies tend to take the help of Document Scanning services that can digitalize all their documents into soft copies. That way it can be easier for the business to share the required paperwork with clients and customers when needed. You can also utilize such services to improve customer communication.

Another option is to have an online chat facility on your website, where a member of staff receives a message when someone new comes onto the website, a chat box then opens up asking the user if they need any assistance. The customer then has real-time support while they are on the site and you can engage with them and help to resolve any issues that they may have or answer any of their questions.

A Prompt Response To Emails

With the advent of technology, your key members of staff can keep an eye on the running of the operation when they are not even in the office. You can monitor emails and see anything which needs addressing immediately or prioritising enquiries to the ones that can be dealt with during regular business hours. It is essential that you try and engage the user as quickly as you can once they have sent an enquiry. It is often a standard business practice to immediately reply with an automated reply highlighting when they can expect a response. Although it is all well and good that some modern businesses say it can take a couple of working days to get a response, the quicker your engagement with the user, the less chance your competition has of winning their business. For some more excellent information on human interaction in the digital age, have a read of the articles at

By all means embrace technology as this will help expand, streamline, and increase profits for your business. However, remember the customer experience, if you make things harder for them to engage with you, they will often move to your competitors.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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