Security Features to Look for in Your Next Office Photocopier

Modern photocopiers are significantly more complex than older photocopiers. Gone are the days when you simply walked up, inserted the document, and waited for copies to be made; nowadays, it’s common for commercial photocopiers to receive information wirelessly, and this often means that they save that data in case you need further copies in the future. Offices need copiers, and because they have become so modern and adapted to new technology, when people are searching for “copiers Boise” online, for example, they are seeing which ones are more advanced to handle what they need.

That might be convenient for many businesses, but it’s going to represent a potential problem if you should ever need to copy sensitive information. If that’s likely, here are a few security features to look for.


When files are encrypted, they cannot be read by other people – this is why online forms that use your banking details are always encrypted for security. It’s a feature that has made it to many commercial photocopiers. Whenever you transfer a document from your device to your photocopier, the file will be encrypted to ensure that everything remains private.


In order to store your files for later use, most photocopiers will utilise a hard drive. That’s great, but hard drives typically have huge storage capacities, meaning that data can be stored for a very long time without ever being written over. This can cause issues since it will be possible to access that information months or even years after it was originally transmitted. Overwrite protection helps avoid such issues – it copies new data straight over old data.

Hard Drive Password

Of course, you might be thinking that you’d rather have some information stored on your photocopier -the whole reason this happens is because it can be very convenient. If you don’t mind data being stored within your photocopier but still want to restrict access, you might want to think about having a password-protected hard drive. Only those who know the code will be able to get into your stored data.


Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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