Renovating a business space: the secrets to a successful project

Staff turnover, changes in terms of products or services and implementation of innovative technology represent factors that gain great importance over time for business owners who must make a decision regarding the available commercial space, namely remodel, expand or build a new location. The age of a structure changes with the growth of a company so it becomes natural to require professional care. Before making a choice, it is crucial to start answering a few questions regarding the space needed and the business operation during each of these scenarios. For instance, if your business does not demand more space, is it necessary to expand? If you opt for construction, how will your business continue operating during the process? These are all details that you cannot overlook; otherwise, it might harm your company’s evolution. Remodeling a commercial space brings many benefits including excitement for customers and productivity enhancement for employees, uniqueness for business by creating a special design, a potential increase in sales and rejuvenation.

The main steps to a successful commercial space renovation

Indeed, the reality is that a commercial remodel involves a significant financial investment, time and detailed planning because you have to think of everything, from site preparation, different types of walls and landscaping to plumbing, electricity, finishes and the hiring of demolition contractors. The worst nightmare of a business owner during renovation refers to business disruptions, incompetence and budget overruns. Thus, excellent organization can prevent all these and result in a successful project. The main steps that a business owner must follow in this case include examining the current space and determining the specific needs of the business, which will automatically allow him to envision the ideal improvements that will truly make a difference in functionality and design, using existing elements that are functional, such as plumbing infrastructure in order to save money and time, consulting with other team members and asking for advice, investing in quality materials, selecting competent contractors, including green features and producing minimum waste during the project.

The well-kept secrets to avoiding potential mistakes during such a project

Observing the steps mentioned above religiously is very important for avoiding potential mistakes, but the main secret to a successful commercial renovation or any other type of renovation is research. Everyone knows that information is power and this situation is no exception. For instance, economic development incentives should be at the back of your mind during the entire time. Your client or customer is the one who should benefit from them the most. After all, this entire project has the purpose to help your business thrive, apart from enjoying the benefits that appear in the first paragraph. Furthermore, you have to objectively acknowledge the building’s strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, you will not be able to capitalize on the first category and eliminate the other. Save those features that worth saving and make additional improvements where you consider necessary. Try to embrace the green trend because it will help you gain the respect and admiration of current and prospective customers.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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