How to affordably and effectively advertise your new business

Want to market your new business without putting more pressure on your financial resources? Here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

Your Google My Business page

To affordably and effectively market your business ensure you’ve filled in your Google My Business page. It’s a free tool that’ll help your company appear in online searches and on maps too. Map entries are all the more important these days with the prevalence of “near me” searches being conducted by prospective customers on their phones while out and about. If your business page isn’t filled in; your company is unlikely to appear on the Google map that pops up as a result of their search.

Utilise online directories

In addition, fill in as many online directories as you can, these are sometimes free and often allow you to edit the information yourself. So you can ensure your correct company name, phone number and address are appearing, along with details of your services or products.

Keep the contact details identical on each entry, but adapt the main content to each new audience, making it slightly different and unique. Constantly repeating the same wording online will adversely affect your ranking in searches.

Search online

Also, conduct an online search to see how your company details appear across different entries. If mistakes appear, there are inconsistencies in contact details, or there are typos, it will affect your online ranking and make your company seem less than professional. So correct erroneous entries where possible.

Update your website

You may already have a website in place, if not, then it’s a must. Preferably your website will be responsive to different devices including mobile phones, improving your online ranking. Your website may well be up, running, and working well; to maintain that good performance it’s important that it’s regularly updated. You could look into website designers for small businesses or other outsourcing agencies who may be able to help you keep your website updated if you were in need of a new website.

Writing a regular blog entry is an excellent and cost-effective way to update and refresh your website content. It’s more than likely your website comes with an easy-to-manage blog feature, so embrace it and begin writing.

Think about the questions your customers most often ask you, then write a blog entry that answers one of those questions, and so on. You could also write blog entries that tie in with the seasons, key dates, or holidays. You’ll soon find your blog taking shape.

If your business is aimed at a local audience, then mention the key places and neighbourhoods you serve from time to time; and also mention any particularly significant local projects in which you’ve been involved.

Join trade organisations

Another way in which you can effectively and affordably market your business is to join relevant trade organisations. As well as making useful industry conducts and potentially providing you with more avenues in which to market your business, you’ll have lots of helpful industry and business advice to hand too.

Join your local chambers of commerce

Also, join your local chambers of commerce or business association. Again you’ll build up a network of relevant contacts, help your business become better known in the region, and receive expert business advice too.

So there you have an overview of how to market your company in an inexpensive yet effective manner. Setting Up A Company? Then ask the experts for help in setting up your business.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

Colin has been in the finance market for over 20 years and specialises in best business practice to make an organisation profitable. The only man for the job when it comes to numbers and accounts with a keen talent for simplifying finance for the wider market.