How Can IAM Solutions Address Complex Security Requirements?

Complex security issues require equally complex solutions. Unfortunately, this can be a confusing and time-consuming task. Some of the techniques which were valid yesterday could be outdated today and useless tomorrow. Business organisations which are having difficulty managing their in-house security will often look outside of the box in order to procure the best packages possible. Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are formidable options. What benefits can these services offer a firm and why have they become increasingly popular within the digital age?

IAM Solutions: All About Centralisation

Most experts argue that the main benefit of IAM solutions is that they are better able to address complex security requirements thanks to their centralised nature. Not only will well-structured plans offer tailor-made access points around the needs of the firm in question, but more streamlined security protocols will lead to better in-house efficiency. The fact that the architecture is centralised signifies that only relevant stakeholders will have control; helping to eliminate potential threats and similar unknown variables.

SaaS Portals and IAM Solutions

Software as a service has taken on an increasingly important role within the modern business environment. However, it is not without its challenges. One of the issues which many companies face is that their employees are now more likely to access databases and similarly sensitive information from remote locations (such as through the use of a mobile device). How can these individuals still be provided with unfettered access without jeopardising security protocols? The answer comes in the form of IAM architecture. In fact, many larger organisations have already deployed these systems in order to offer streamlined and secure access while out and about (2). Workers will be able to gain entry to numerous applications through the use of a single login. This saves time and money while also cutting back on the chances that details are entered incorrectly.

Prevention of Identity Theft

While this next subject might not necessarily be an issue for smaller firms, those which are associated with complex data entry points always have to be concerned about vulnerabilities and proverbial “back doors”. The growing presence of spyware and malware signals that identity theft is now more of a problem than ever before. Unfortunately, traditional firewalls can often become compromised. Another benefit of identity and access management is that all user details are stored within a centralised location. As soon as a “red flag” is noted, it can be isolated and dealt with appropriately. This also allows dedicated IT staff to implement the necessary changes as they are required.

Unfettered Flexibility

Modern businesses need to be able to adjust to complicated security issues as soon as they arise. This is another advantage specifically associated with IAM managed services. Each platform is highly scalable and it can be designed around the discrete needs of the organisation in question. Not only is this able to offer robust security safeguards, but it also signifies that a business will not be wasting money on redundant or unnecessary tools.

Managing modern and convoluted security concerns should never be taken lightly. Identity and access management solutions have been designed with the needs of the end user in mind. So, businesses can remain confident that their data will remain safe from prying eyes.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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