Getting the Most From Your Employees: Awards and Motivation

Most business owners and executives eventually figure out that the way to get the most from their employees is to employ positive forms of motivation. Though this can be a highly individualized process, there are several ways to get incorporate employee motivation into your business plan.

Some workers enjoy getting awards, so it’s a good tool for motivation. But you should check the personality type of each person works for you. If you take a minute to research job satisfaction factors, you may discover what kind of motivators that you can offer to your workers.

And, by creating a feedback system, whether transparent or subtle, you can do wonderful things to improve employee interactions.

Scan for Award Ideas

One of the simplest ways to boost the motivation of your employees is to give them awards. These need to be meaningful, but even the idea that a person is being recognized will encourage him or her to do a better job.

Sometimes awards are presented for an outstanding effort on a project. Sometimes they are tied to the length of time someone has been worked for the firm. The point is to be consistent and to figure out how to show your employees that you understand how valuable they are.

Check Personality Types

Not every employee is motivated in the same way. If you want to understand a bit more of the psychology behind why people do what they do, try to figure out what personality each of your workers has.

It doesn’t take long to do this, and it can give you a tremendous amount of insight into motivational factors that will get your people to a greater level of productivity. Make sure you check your personality type too, and identify the character quirks that you may have that could be getting in the way of motivating various people.

Research Job Satisfaction Factors

There’s a maxim that says people don’t work at jobs, they work for other people. So what each of your workers does might not be as large a factor as you might think when it comes to their job satisfaction.

If you keep that in mind, you can try to make the work environment as pleasant as possible for the people who work at your company, and that will pay off because they will likely be more staff willing to do an excellent job to keep that satisfaction level up. Things like time off and flexible working can usually increase employee satisfaction in their job, so businesses might want to look into that. With flexible working, it’s important that businesses have timesheet software to make sure different start times are being recorded accurately. That should help the business to monitor staff working times.

Create a Feedback System

Finally, if you create a feedback system for your employees, you’ll find that there are concepts for you to build motivation based on responding to the types of complaints or concerns your employees have.

Especially if your system is anonymous, people will feel free to be truthful about what’s going on in the workplace. Once you know what the complaints are, you can start to fix or adjust them, and use that to motivate your team to keep doing good work.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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