Get a New iPhone for Less Cash by Selling or Trading Your old Mobile Phone

If you are trading in/selling, your old mobile phones, there are some good deals available. Apple mobile phones are a common household product. People buy and dispose of cell phones like wrapping paper. Some people just throw old cell phones into a drawer.

Fortunately, they can sell the whole lot now. If you are thinking of keeping the phone for someone else to use in the family, there is a chance they want the newest phone too. So, sell it, and increase the money in your pocket. This can still be the case for a damaged phone, too! By looking into mobile iphone repair services, you can repair your iPhone cheaply before selling it to increase the sale price. Now you are making money on the phone your family didn’t want!

Look at money in its many forms, trade-in, gift card, or credit in an ongoing account. Only you as the seller can decide exactly what form you want to receive your money.

Is it Wise to Sell Your Mobile Phone?

Selling a phone brings on the worry of personal information stored. One way to clear your phone is to take a few careful steps. Selling your mobile phone presents a nifty way to rack up some cash. However, it is important to clear the device of personal information.

-Remove screen locks

-Erase Google account/Samsung account/Apple

-Use factory reset to clear device

Can I sell a mobile phone if it is Broken?

Even when a phone is damaged, it still has value. Broken screens or hard to press keys will not prevent its use as parts, or for a complete refurbishing. Those planning to buy the newest phone will find. They cost more than the price of a trade-in. However, any cash will assist in the purchase of a new phone.

How to Sell a mobile phone

Vendors like EcoATM, or GameStop, buy phones. However, these dealers offer pennies compared to some online buyers.

How Do I Get Paid?

mobile phone payments can play out in many forms. Gift cards may come into play with dealers like Apple or Best Buy. Shipping a product to an online dealer will require condition-evaluation before you get the funds.

Where to Collect the Most Money for Your mobile phone

Owning a relatively up to date phone brings the most money. Some phones earn up to 400. However, the iPhone X sits in a class by itself and brings far more.

If a phone is well kept, and in demand, it earns top prices when traded or sold, cutting out the middleman generally brings a higher price, no one to share the profits with and all that. These are direct sales. Phones designed in favorite colors and brands are the best candidates.

Trade up with Apple

A popular phone is the Apple iPhone. The Apple program lets users place money towards a new device when they want to trade up. The Apple trade-up system offers a possible 260 to place on the newest iPhone.

If you prefer, the money can go for monthly payments. Either way, it is a great deal for those who enjoy the latest in electronic devices, trade in store, or online.

Is There Gold in a mobile phone – If So, How Much?

The answer is yes. However, the phones hold a small amount of gold. It would take thousands of cell phones to create a real cash windfall. The gold is located along the circuit board and acts as a conductor.

The average smartphone holds 25 milligrams of gold. This equates to 1 in value. Consider the thousands of phones bought and discarded each year. Add this value to the useful components in the mobile phone’s structure, and a seller can obtain a nice price.

Selling or trading your old phone can help you keep up with the latest trends. It is always good to look stylish in front of your friends. So, take the smart route and save money by recycling your phone used mobile phone.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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