Elements Of A Winning Design In Business

You may already have a business website, but your design may be holding you back.  If you have a site that just can’t effectively stir up visitors, then your design may need a bit of tweaking to succeed.  

Design elements that lead to boosted visibility and engaging visitor behaviors are traditionally far more successful in their endeavors.  Here is a quick look at a few of the most important design elements of a winning design in business.

Learning the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization is basically learning how to grab the attention of the internet’s most popular search engines.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo all work on a strict algorithm that seeks out specific markers to provide the best search results possible for users.  

Your job is to research the full spectrum of SEO, and learn how to cater your website’s content to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Ranking higher in the SERPs means that more web users will be presented with your website as a results option.  

Navigational ease

Remember to provide a method of movement on your business website.  Visitors should easily be able to move to and fro among the array of content your website provides.  Take a look at the navigation options on this example site.  It is easy to explore!

A good way to provide fluent navigation is to create a stationary navigation bar across the top or side of your site’s design.  Web users are accustomed to working with this design aspect, and will feel comfortable utilizing its capabilities.

Encourage communication

Communication will get you far in the world.  Whether it is business or personal, the ability to communicate is vital to success.  Encourage communication as often as possible in your website’s design.

Create a contact page, but add other pleas for communication throughout the different sections of your website.  Use an enticing “call to action” to urge visitors to engage.  There are certain phrases that typically make people feel as though they just can’t pass on clicking.  

Optimize for mobile users

Mobile access to the internet is dominating today’s culture.  On the go communication is how we work, and your business website should be able to keep up.  

Accessing a website through a small-screen mobile device requires that the content be formatted a little differently.  Research the use of “media queries” to more fully understand mobile optimization.  

Utilize social media sharing

Social media is a massive outlet for communication and visibility for your business website.  Don’t miss out on thousands of hits, and incorporate social media into your site design. Social media sharing buttons are free and easy to add.  

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

Colin has been in the finance market for over 20 years and specialises in best business practice to make an organisation profitable. The only man for the job when it comes to numbers and accounts with a keen talent for simplifying finance for the wider market.