Choosing the Right Web Designer for Your Business Site

There’s no longer any question about whether or not you need a website for your business because you simply can’t expect to be taken seriously if you’re still even thinking that way. Sure, there are some mom-and-pop businesses which started out back in the days when the internet was still something to connect university nerds from all over the world — mom-and-pop businesses which are still thriving through the age of the internet, but those are some special cases in which their customer base was established very early on and a customer base which grew with those businesses through the ages.

These days however you have to have a solid web presence if you harbour any ambitions of your business staying relevant and staying afloat, let alone growing and expanding as well as amassing more profits. So, even if you already have a business website, this two-point checklist of how to choose a web designer could very well still be applied to your situation, serving to point out some areas of improvement should there be any, otherwise there are indeed some considerations to take into account when choosing a web designer for your business site.

The Portfolio Says it All

This kind of has both web designers and their prospective clients stuck between a rock and hard place because in many instances some of the most talented web designers in melbourne don’t have a portfolio of live clients to speak of. They sort of go from learning to master their craft straight into having to work in some or other way to pay their bills or perhaps even pay off their student debt in the case of those web designers who went through formal qualification channels in learning their craft.

Either way — a portfolio is important, even in the case of the budding web designer who is clearly talented but is just starting out in the field. The trend these days, in any case, is for the budding, talented web designer to take on some pro bono projects just so that they can showcase their skills and build up their portfolios, so if you’re lucky you could just get your premium business website designed completely free, but you should keep in mind that inevitably maintaining a professional business website will cost you money. To convert traffic, the company’s website must have an excellent user experience (UX). If managing a website is too arduous of a task for you, then you could think of hiring web designing services like White Peak ( and other similar firms to do the job for you.

Agencies and Designers with Multiple Skills

There’s a whole lot more to erecting and maintaining a business website than just having it developed and launched. Successful digital marketing agencies like SERP Co ( make sure that they develop websites that serve the business purpose. They make profitable marketing accessible through SEO, analytics, PPC, and all other aspects of digital marketing.

The maintenance aspect of a website would entail writing engaging copy that clearly communicates what your business is all about in addition to targeting specific keywords and key phrases so that you don’t miss out on what can be some free, organic traffic due to your site being listed high in search engine results. So, in order to account for this and other considerations, what you really have to do is go to a web design agency in Leeds or any other place which specialise in a wide range of skills associated with web design, such as having a good graphics department, a good front, and back end programming division and even a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and marketing division.

That way you’ll be commissioning the development of a business website that’s dynamic and can evolve with the fast-changing times.

Tom Hyatt
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Written by Tom Hyatt

A consultant with 30 years experience in the business. Tom is an advisor to many high profile clients and has helped many big name businesses become the companies they are today. A father of two and doting dad to his Alsatian, Tom knows that getting the balance between family and business is paramount to success.