Benefits Of Becoming A Certified Public Accountant

Your first dream in life may not have been becoming an accountant, but there are some extremely beneficial perks of working as a CPA that cannot be denied. Work smarter, not harder, and steer your education towards a degree in accounting.

If you are notoriously great with numbers (and math is your friend), then starting a profession as a Certified Public Accountant may be the best career path for you. Check out a quick overview of some of the most excellent benefits of becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

CPAs make good money

It is not uncommon for a hiring firm to offer their CPA a bonus for completing all the steps to their licensure. What could be better than being paid for something you were already going to complete? There is no mistaking the numbers in this situation.

Certified Public Accountants, whether they are working independently or with finance companies (you can check this site out, for instance), can make nearly a million dollars more over the course of their career than their non-certified friends. The outcome of certification is worth all the hard work.

There is an abundance of job security

Business will always need professionals to keep track of their finances. The job of a CPA is never complete, and there will always be someone looking to pay you for your services.

In 2002, CPAs got a big break legally. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act raised financial standards for the corporations, and the job of a Certified Public Accountant became much more critical to the success of business.

CPAs are well respected

The job of a CPA is well respected, because most professionals understand the strict standards students have to adhere to in order to become certified. It is a difficult and stringent path to walk, and the position is well respected for it.

Additional on the job training makes those three letters after your name mean so much more. CPAs are esteemed professionals. They are at the top of their field and have put in many years of work to achieve their goals.

Career advancement opportunities

Those who go through to finish and receive their CPA licensure stand out among other applicants to potential employers. The opportunity to advance as a Certified Public Accountant is widely varied, as every industry requires the expertise of an accountant. CPAs have been known to work their way all the way up the corporate ladder to become a partner in the organization.

CPAs get promotions, and it is easy to understand why. You are the guy/girl who manages the money. Your job is important, and your services are valuable. There is also a generational shortage of educated CPAs. The demand is higher than the supply in the field. Never forget the value of your knowledge.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

Colin has been in the finance market for over 20 years and specialises in best business practice to make an organisation profitable. The only man for the job when it comes to numbers and accounts with a keen talent for simplifying finance for the wider market.