5 Marketing Hacks to Boost Sales When Business is Slow

Unless you’re really, really lucky and everything has been going along swimmingly from the day you opened your doors for business to this very moment, there’s going to come a time along the development of your business when the sales just seem to dry up. It could be a temporary, periodic dry spell you go through as part of the low season in your market’s cycle or it could be a dry spell that’s brought about by something like a shift in the economic climate or market.

Either way, here are five hacks you can use to boost sales when things are a little dry.

Run a Road-Show

Yes, one of those cheesy old-school type road-shows is what we’re talking about! Hire a van which has a PA system you can use to broadcast your message across the local airwaves and just tell people about your business. Branding is important when you’re out on the road “campaigning” so you’d perhaps need to have some banners made and some flyers printed, but this old-school method of marketing your business might surprise you with the boost it can give to your sales.

marketing hacks boost sales

Sponsor an Event

Well, this might come across as a bit counter-productive given that you want to make money instead of spending it when the sales have dried up a bit, but it works like a charm if done right, that being your business’ sponsorship of an event. Obviously, you’d be looking at sponsoring an event which is within the reach of your sponsorship budget, so something like sponsoring any local community event will do, like a sporting event between some local schools for example. Make sure your brand is visible and that your message gets across.

Erect a Pop-Up Store

This is a modern twist to that cheesy road-show you’d resort to running and it’s also a more direct way of creating a sales boosting channel than sponsoring an event. The pop-up store concept is a simple one in that it operates on the premise of “if the people won’t come to you to buy, then you’ll just go to them to sell to them”. Don’t forget your mobile credit card machine. You can even get yourself an Event Marketing Food Truck that could help you reach a large number of clients and spread the word about your business. What can be a better combination than food and marketing?

Place Classified Ads

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be a traditional classifieds ad per se, but a good old advert in the local newspaper, magazine or newsletter is sometimes all it takes to remind your customers just why they previously bought from you and why they should come back. An ad in the local business directory site will do as well.

marketing hacks boost sales

Run a Competition

Everybody loves a chance to get something for free and there are few ways to generate a buzz around your products and services which are better than through running a competition. What’s more is that you can even get someone to sponsor the prize you’ll be giving away and the best way to spin this competition into an instant sales-booster is to make the terms and conditions require entrants to buy something before they can officially enter to win the prize.

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