5 Cleanliness Green Tips for the Office

Everyone loves a clean and tidy office, but what you don’t see might be very harmful for you. The particulates circulating in the indoor air may be affecting our health to a very high degree. Apart from this, the overall outlook of an office is a contributing factor to the productivity and the output of employees.

If the office itself is dirty and the paint on the walls is fading, it doesn’t paint a positive picture for the employees working there. If there are any customers or clients visiting the office frequently, it might make a very negative impression about your company on them. It is, therefore, important to liven up and remodel the office, accounting for indoor greenery in the process.

1. Cleanliness at the Basic Level

It would surprise you but the dirtiest and germ-infested places in the office are not toilets and sinks in the bathrooms. In fact, the keyboards and the mouse that you use frequently are the dirtiest items in the office.

Using your computer and other appliances might just be the cause of illnesses. This is because that there are many germs that remain on your hands after you wash them completely after a trip to the washroom.

Plus, there are many germs in the sweat from out palms and that attaches itself to these devices. That’s why it is necessary to clean these appliances and devices frequently, regardless of whether you hire somewhere similar to these Upper Darby, PA janitorial services companies to ensure that every inch of your devices and office space has had a thorough deep clean, or if you decide to go it alone. You must make this a priority.

2. Addition of Plants

Greenery that comes from planter box plants can help to liven and cheer up the moods of employees. It also enables the decluttering of the thought process and fulfills the need for attachment with nature.

It’s a physiological response that helps employees concentrate more on their work. It helps to destress employees at the workplace, creating a more conducive and productive work environment.

There are a multitude of ways that greenery can be added to the office, apart from the planter box plants. You can, for instance choose to install “live” dividers with plants to accentuate the look of your office.

Similarly, you can also choose live hanging plant paintings for white spaces the appear after a remodel of your office space.

3. Go Paperless

This also shows that you care for the environment as a business. It may prove to be a challenge getting people on board the idea but when you reduce the use of paper, it enhances the view of your company as an environment friendly one.

4. Cleanliness at the Secondary Level

This directly relates to the first heading. The devices that we touch in the office space are many and are frequently used.

Apart from cleaning the devices, the use of hand sanitizers in the office space is also something that needs to be started. Place hand sanitizers at differentintervals in common pathways to remind employees that cleanliness and health comes first.

5. Cleaner Indoor Air

There’s a lot that the air filters in the central air conditioner in your office must endure. If not cleaned, it will result in extra maintenance costs and a slew of other problems. If the AC breaks down from the strain, you would need to call in a repair company like GoHomeHeating (gohomeheating.com/boise-idaho/ac-repair/) to fix it, and you would have to suffer dusty hot air in the meantime. So make sure that your AC filters are properly cleaned and maintained according to a manufacturers’ schedule in order to keep the office air fresh and clean.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

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