24-7 Lead Generation for Any Business

There are some successful businesses that operate exclusively online and don’t have a physical, brick-and-mortar equivalent to back up their online business and these online businesses which maintain consistent success aren’t those which sell dodgy programmes, training courses, or anything of the sort. They sell tangible products and services, some of which may be digital products like e-books, but the bottom line is they are legitimate.

That’s where anyone who is running any form of business can draw some great inspiration to generate more leads for their own business, be that automobile leads, software leads, anything that could potentially translate to sales. If done right, the number of leads you manage to generate may be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you have to back those efforts up with the fulfilment of the explosion in new orders you may suddenly get for the physical goods you sell. Either way, it’s one of the better problems to have in business as opposed to say suffering from a dry spell where very little to no orders are coming in.

It’s a nice feeling to go to sleep at night and find, once you’ve woken up in the morning, that your lead generation efforts have yielded the types of results that effectively have you getting new customers while you sleep or while you’re busy doing something else. When the leads are verified, you’ve completed half of your work. It takes a lot of hard work to get to that stage, but all that work you’re required to put in is well worth the effort. You could use an email finder such as RocketReach to validate the leads and exclude the fake ones.

Direct Product Marketing

We’re not making reference to direct marketing as it exists in the world of multi-level marketing here, but rather direct product marketing in the sense that you simply offer your products or services directly as the solution to certain problems which the market may be facing. For example, if you sell laundry detergent, direct product marketing for that would take the form of placing an advert somewhere which simply sells your product as what it is — detergent for laundry.

This is important because there is a traditional segment of the market which only responds to this type of marketing and the lead generation aspect of it would come in the form of including information through which interested parties can reach you, should they want more info or should they want to complete the order/purchase. To help kick-start this plan, you can reach out to a direct marketing agency that can understand your requirements, what you offer, and channel your marketing efforts accordingly.

Current Affairs Discussion

Now, this is where the 24-7 aspect of your leads generation starts to truly take shape in that you want to build up lead generation channels where none seem to exist. Any product or service which exists (or just about any) can be linked in some or other way to some current affairs which are doing the rounds as hot topics of interest. Find a way to make the link back to your product and put in your two-cents’ worth either through something like a social media meme, an opinion piece on the blog section of your business website, or even just a clever picture one-liner with your business logo or URL as a watermarked overlay.

Remember to include a leads-capturing mechanism, whether it’s just some contact information or something like an opt-in form.

If you endeavour to generate leads in this way like your business depends on it (as online business operators do), you’ll soon have more business than you’ve ever imagined you could have.

Colin Shaw
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Written by Colin Shaw

Colin has been in the finance market for over 20 years and specialises in best business practice to make an organisation profitable. The only man for the job when it comes to numbers and accounts with a keen talent for simplifying finance for the wider market.